Body treatments are available in different combinations. Each carefully designed treatment package is intended to combine physical health with beauty therapy and relaxation.  Treatments include skin softening body exfoliation and use of warm essential oils to first cleanse the skin and then moisturise it, leaving it radiant and fresh.

They are the perfect treatment for women and men who want to contour their body and regain their confidence. Helping those struggling with achieving desirable dimensions in problematic areas where fat deposits just won't budge is one of the central aspects of medaesthetic treatments. Treatments last around thirty minutes up to an hour.

The soothing therapy / goat milk and lychee

A therapy for dry, sensitive and irritation-prone skin. The composition of the therapy is rich in selected natural raw materials with nourishing and soothing properties. The therapy guarantees restoration and strengthening of the natural protective barrier. It provides immediate soothing, hydration and long-lasting comfort.

The bronzing and firming therapy / chocolate

A bronzing and firming therapy with the appetising scent of milk chocolate which stimulates senses. Thanks to the use of coca extracts and various active substances, it has multi-directional effects; stimulates skin endorphin production, reduces cellulite, smooths skin and enhances its elasticity, as well as provides it with a beautiful colour of a delicate and even suntan.

the REVITALISING therapy / berries

The revitalising body care therapy is recommended for every skin type that needs revitalisation, strengthening and colour evening. When used on a regular basis, it firms, improves tightness and hydration of skin, protects against external factors and inhibits ageing processes. The captivating scent of the cosmetics combines refreshing citrus notes and sweetness of exotic fruits seasoned with a bit of must and tree notes.

The slimming therapy / coffee

A slimming therapy supporting cellulite reduction. The high concentration of integrated active substances, such as coffee, algae and ebony extracts, guarantees the effectiveness of treatments and immediate effects.

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